"This is the stuff of real life adult relationships. Witty dialogue and the heartfelt realness Carr delivers in her performance will be relatable to any couple in the longhaul."-Bust

"Few series, save 'The Comeback,' so piquantly portray the emotional turmoil female actors routinely endure."-Indiewire

"I lump Ann Carr in with Kristin Wiig and Parker Poseyfunny, subversive actresses I could watch all day and never tire of. "-New York Observer

"Best Actress - Drama: Which Web Series Deserve Emmys" - Boston Globe

Part of the 15 Women-Driven Web Series That Could Be The Next 'Broad City' Indiewire

"Every episode is good.  For three seasons.  Few successful TV shows can boast that." - Splitsider

"'The Actress' teaches us that the dark side of being a woman in the entertainment industry is hilarious... but still dark." - Huffington Post

"Please immediately stop whatever you're doing and watch this series..." - Crushable's '10 Improv Stars Who Deserve Their Own TV Shows'

"A touching web series..." - NY Magazine: Vulture

"Carr, a fantastic comedic actor, embodies Hannah with subtlety and pathos—likely because she's lived Hannah's life." -Time Out NY


"Web series are often too short to allow for rich character exploration and tend to fall more in the sketchy, two beats and heighten camp than in the exposition camp. 'The Actress' episodes are long enough to showcase characters’ smaller idiosyncrasies and, because they’re so spot-on, that attention to detail takes up character-based humor a big notch." -Splitsider

"Touching and darkly funny." -The Hairpin

Even our Kickstarter got press: My Damn Channel

And we're in Time Out NY's top 50 comedy web series of all time!